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Security Industry Changes – NEW 1C (Cash-in-Transit) Security Licence

Attention: 1A guards carrying out CIT activities

From the SLED website

A new 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard) security licence subclass will commence on 1 June 2023 and authorise holders to patrol, protect or guard cash-in-transit (CIT).

If you have been carrying on CIT activities under the authority of the 1A (Unarmed Guard) subclass, you may continue to carry on the activities while holding the 1A (Security Officer) subclass until 1 December 2023.

To carry on CIT activities after this date, you must:

1. Complete a NSW Security Licence Course that incorporates the mandatory CIT-specific units of competency*; and

2. Apply for the new 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard) subclass by 1 December 2023 and include evidence of completing the mandatory CIT-specific training.

You will not have to pay the licence application fee if you complete these steps by 1 December 2023 and will receive a new photo licence showing the 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard) subclass.

To carry on armed CIT activities from 1 June 2023 you must hold the 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard) and the 1F (Armed Guard) subclasses.

If you hold a current 1F (Armed Guard) subclass, your licence record will be amended on 1 June to show you have been automatically granted the 1C (Cash-in-Transit Guard) subclass. This is due to you having already completed CIT-specific training. You will retain the 1F subclass.

These subclass changes will be reflected immediately on SLED’s Public Register.

*Note from Linked 2: People who already hold the Certificate II in Security Operations will not need to re-sit the whole Cert II licensing course again. The CIT course will be a short course comprising three units of competency.

Need to get your CIT units?

Linked 2 (RTO: 21789; NSW Security Master Licence: 000102185) is a SLED Approved Organisation taking expressions of interest for those wishing to enrol in the Cash in Transit units for those currently working as unarmed Cash-in-Transit officers.

Please email your details to info@linked2.org.au

For more information see the SLED website:



This qualification is suitable for people within or entering the security industry who wish to undertake cash-in-transit work.

“Cash-in-transit activities involve the protection or guarding of money and other valuables, including jewels, bullion, luxury goods, securities and other financial instruments, while it is being collected, transported or delivered (excludes activities occurring at a single premises)”

– SLED Advisory Council

Occupational licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements may apply at the time of publication.

Each state/territory has individual requirements for licensing purposes.

ACT: Access Canberra

NSW: Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED)

QLD: Office of Fair Trading

NT: Northern Territory Government

WA: Licensing Services (Security)

TAS: Consumer, Building and Occupational Services

VIC: Licensing and Regulation Division

SA: Consumer and Business Services

Occupational titles could include:

  • Cash-in-Transit guard

    Three units of competency required:

    • CPPSEC3118 Inspect and test cash-in-transit security equipment
    • CPPSEC3119 Implement cash-in-transit security procedures
    • CPPSEC3120 Load and unload cash-in-transit in secured and unsecured environments

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